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Honey Prices 

1 lb Honey Jar  $6.50 2 lb Honey Jar  $11.00
45 oz (Quart) Honey Jar  $15.00 5 lb Honey Jar  $23.00
1 lb Creamed Honey  $7.25 Comb Honey - Sold Out
Unfortunately we no longer ship
Bees Wax available



Our honey is 100% all natural, raw unprocessed honey. The honey is minimally strained and unheated to preserve the antioxidants, pollen, enzymes, vitamins and other benefits that raw honey provide.  Raw honey will naturally crystallize. To liquefy honey, immerse the jar in a pot of water that is 100-115 ° F.  Heating honey above these temperatures will destroy the natural benefits of raw honey.





 Save the American honeybee, buy local honey!  

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